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Tips for Healthy Children and Families

Raising a family isn’t always easy. You are busy, and so are your children. There is a lot to do in little time. But the stakes are high. Today, many kids are overweight or obese. A healthy, active lifestyle can help maintain weight. It also can prevent health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, […]

Children’s Health Overview

Children’s Health Tips Your choices as a parent begin before your child is even born. From what to feed them to how to discipline, parenting seems to be one choice after another. The choices you make regarding your child’s health will affect them throughout their life. These are decisions best made with plenty of thought […]

Common Child Health Issues

Common child health issues Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common child health issues in Australia.   Allergies Allergies happen when your child’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment that are harmless to most people – for example, foods, insect stings, dust mites, animals or pollen. See your GP if you […]

9 common children’s health problems

9 common children’s health problems Best health for children We all want the best health for our children, at home and at school or early learning. As every parent knows, children’s health and safety are paramount. When babies or children fall sick, their health can deteriorate rapidly. Familiarise yourself with the signs and symptoms of […]

Understanding Children’s Right to Health

Health is vitally important for every human being in the world. Whatever our differences may be, health is our most important commodity. A person in bad health cannot really live life to the fullest. The principal characteristics of the right to health Health is the state of physical, mental and social well-being and does not […]

Celebrate Children’s Environmental Health Day!

At Child Care Aware® of America, we believe that all children deserve clean air, clean water, safe food and products, and healthy places to live, learn and play. That’s why we’re partnering with the Children’s Environmental Health Network and dozens of partners around the country to celebrate Children’s Environmental Health Day today. Alongside our partners, we’re using […]

Nutrition for kids: Guidelines for a healthy diet

You want your child to eat healthy foods, but do you know which nutrients are necessary and in what amounts? Here’s a quick overview. Introduction Nutrition for kids is based on the same principles as nutrition for adults. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat. Children, […]

Why Is a Child’s Health Important?

Introduction to children’s health   The health of the family as a whole plays a major role in determining the health of each child within that family. Children’s health, or pediatrics, focuses on the well-being of children from conception through adolescence. It is vitally concerned with all aspects of children’s growth and development and with the unique […]

Lifelong Health

Why Does Early Health Matter? The biology of health explains how experiences and environmental influences “get under the skin” and interact with genetic predispositions. The resulting physiological adaptations or disruptions affect lifelong outcomes in learning, behavior, and both physical and mental well-being. Science tells us: Early experiences are built into our bodies, creating biological “memories” […]