5C: Project and Science Team Papers and Presentations

This website will provide access to all project work products and data sources. In addition, we will post scientific papers, presentations, and news and commentaries by the scientific team members as part of project activities.


See the Select Publications page for a highlights of their research, or search them by name in our Project Bibliography for even more resources.

Dr. Philip Landrigan was invited to write a commentary in JAMA Internal Medicine in which he reviews known research on subclinical toxicity of long-term exposure to pesticides.  In his piece entitled “Pesticides and Human Reproduction” he recommends that “we need to overcome the strident objections of the pesticide manufacturing industry, recognize the hidden costs of deregulation, and strengthen requirements for both premarket testing of new pesticides, as well as postmarketing surveillance of exposed populations— exactly as we do for another class of potent, biologically active molecules—drugs.”

Dr. Paul Winchester from our science team and his research partners released an important paper reporting on initial biomonitoring results in pregnant women in Indiana.  They found glyphosate residues in the urine of 93% of the pregnant women sampled, and a link between a glyphosate urine levels and shortened gestational length (Parvez et al., 2018).